Today I want to point my way, what are the five most beautiful beaches in Europe that I happened to visit within an indefinite time.


The world is beautiful, every journey leaves memories, tastes, emotions, and the myriad sensations you feel are hard to explain. The journey is very personal, as are some unique places that I had the good fortune to visit.


I would start with our Italian. We are on the Gargano, namely the Bay of Zagare.


Best known as the Bay of Mergoli, it remains among the most visited sites of southern Italy. Flora and fauna condition its denomination that indeed derives from the copious presence of blackbirds and sparrows on the one hand, while on the other the linguistic influence is given from the orange groves in the area.


Three beaches to visit three breathtaking scenery. Since setting a bay surrounded by high cliffs carved from white limestone cliffs. Here they are sprouting the two Faraglioni called “Arc of Diomedes” and “Scissors.”


Undoubtedly one of the five most special beaches I have visited in Europe, one that properly Zagare, located after the Bay of Pugnochiuso, can be reached both by sea and by land. Bright sand that stretches for about a kilometer has a wild charm and a sea of ​​emerald hues.


Among the less conventional wonders of Portugal, then we move in the Algarve, which we’ve talked about a lot, I select one of the five most beautiful beaches in the endless Praia de Falesia.


The beautiful golden sand caresses the skin and the eyes. All it accompanied by red cliffs. Perfect for those who love long walks. A spectacular setting for a truly breathtaking panorama.


Caribbean sea and white sand, in short, a paradise that is part of Natural Interest of Les Salines Special. Certainly one of the most beautiful in Europe, always crowded beaches, a season of waters rich in fish particularly appreciated by snorkelers.


In the northern part, there is a stretch of beach reserved for those who practice naturism. Many choose nudist beaches of Formentera, helped by the Spanish laws rather lax.


I only say that once you enter the water did not want to get out.


What a show! There are no words to describe the perfection that gives one of the most beautiful pearls of our Italy. La Scala Dei Turchi, Sicily gold, is located on the coast of Agrigento and is a pure white as milk cliff that rises above the sea.


A piece of paradise that was used as a haven for the Turkish ships. The rocks form a natural staircase due to the water and wind erosion.


I suggest you also visit the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, incredibly impressive in the hours before sunset and subsequent ones that will immerse you in the enchantment of the valley at night. I assure you that even if you are tired from the day at the Scala Dei Turchi, nor is worth it.


I still had not mentioned a Greek beach. Greece, with its larger and smaller islands, inhabited or deserted, deserves numerous nominations.


Beautiful beaches, blue never seen in any other part of the world, other than the five most beautiful beaches in Europe, I’ll have an article devoted entirely to Greece.


I had to choose, and I opted for Crete, but also, in this case, an island entirely spectacular it was tough to decide! Go, Chrissi, Matala, Ierapetra, and many others have made my experience one of the most beautiful Cretan from a naturalistic point of view. So for this product dedicated to the five most beautiful beaches in Europe, I decided to put the two spearheads: Balos and Elafonissi.


The lagoon of Balos, a strip of sand that separates the clear Greek waters. Sand becomes apparent that a real corridor due to the islet to guard the sea. The sea is clear, but also very low and especially ice cream.


For Elafonissi, it would take a poem. The pink sand alone could be enough to meet the eyes, if not for its beaches, separated by a sandy hill on which there is a chapel. From here to the white desert flowers that accompany the walk. To the sea? What I tell you to do … to take a bath 24 hours.

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